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Yea, this is a bit of a tough one.  Existential definitions of things is not really what this is all about, so we're not really keen on getting into this.  But I guess it's necessary, maybe.

So, what is street art? Er, art in a street, phew, that was easy 😀.

  • What about sculpture? Er, yes
  • How about sculptures, like that wooden Gruffalo in Hazelhead park? Yea, guess so.
  • Even that big one of William Wallace outside the library? Hmm, probably not, we'd probably leave out old stuff like that.
  • What about 2 second tags? Hmm, I guess, no, otherwise the system would be a bit swamped by them.
  • What about my car, I've painted it in a sick style, and it's on the street?  Hmm, no, it moves around, so probably isn't easy to put on a map.
  • What about art that's not in public places? Yea, it's probably got to be in a public place, or at least visible from a public place.