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What is this website for

The website is intended to serve many purposes, including...

  • To help the public physically find Street Art in Aberdeen.
  • To record and document Street Art.
  • To help people understand the variety and creativity of street art in our city and the benefits it brings to our physical and cultural landscape.


What is Street Art

That seemed like a big question, so it's got a page itself > What is Street Art?


Getting involved

If you're keen to get involved, please contact us.  We're keen for as many people to collaborate on this project as possible. 

Things we need help with, well, pretty much whatever you fancy, but, for example...

  • Submitting new artworks:  There are always new pieces being created, let us know if you've seen something that's not on the map, send us info, or, even better, a photo.
  • Ideas and feedback:  Let us know what you think, what could be better, or anything really.
  • Collaborative connections with other projects and organisations.
  • Social media, spreading the word.


Who are we

This was initially created by Andy Gaskell in February 2022, but intended to be a collaborative project.


Future plans

We have a variety of ideas, moving forward, these include...

  • Adding more content
  • Adding more info to the data
  • A mobile App
  • A tool to create walking tours of art by area or type
  • Gamification of Street Art record collecting


Open Source and open Data

The data behind this website is open and available via a REST API for anyone who wants to build on top of it.  Please get in touch if you'd like more info on API access.

The code is all Open Source, and freely available on Github, see StreetArtAberdeen on


Contact us

We're on Twitter and Instagram, or you can use the form below.